Born and raised in Summit County, Colorado, I've grown accustom to beautiful surroundings and amazing scenery. When you spend your entire life around something so extraordinary, you start to take it for granted. The vibrancy a particular place used to have begins to fade. The awe of a particular view that once left you breathless, you now drive past without even a second glance.

Photography is the realization that every moment behind the lens is capturing a moment that you will never have again. A moment that you should never take for granted, nor be too busy with yourself to miss. I've taken many photographs, and missed the moment. I've been so occupied with "getting the shot" that I fail to get the point.

So, what is the point?

I believe the point is God. Standing speechless amidst His glorious creation. All we need is a thankful, faithful heart and He does all the rest.

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